Tuesday, 30 April 2013

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No, this wasn't in the PM, I just felt like posting it.

Continuity notes from the manga:

1) that dutch wife, you remember it? In the manga it turns up "mysteriously" in Yokodera's locker after Ponta donated it to the Cat which does not smile; and then Yokodera tries to offer it yet again. It was actually bought by Ponta and Yokodera together, but Ponta held onto it until he left his depravity.

2) Yokodera does different cover-ups for his voyeur attempts. Refer to this page plz.

3) Azuki leads him into the "pet" thing. She says "If you are ok with being treated like a pet, then that much at least I can give you. Only as a pet, though!" That's why the impenetratable fortress that is her falls when he woof'd.

4) that cleaner in front of Hotel Wilde was much wordier about him being alone and young couples showing off. And, damn, look at that smile. I think that detail is pretty important.

5) there was something about her father in Yokodera's Azuki-film. Meh, not too important.

6) the Azuki-pouting part was much longer in the manga. I mean, damn, that was the most bastardized part up to now. They didn't even mention "The Little Princess Turtle" thing. It's like denying half of the characterization of Azusa... and they even denied Yokodera the fucking awesome line "Do you mind if I borrow that girl?" (the answer: "ara ara what a forward doggie").

That's a recurring thing. A lot of the moments are less awesome in the anime than in the manga. More or less, the only ones which were done justice to were the Tsutsukakushi ones... but this may be coming from the manga adaptation, so I can't point it out as a bad side of the anime one.

over 9000) Shit, they didn't deal with any of the aftermath. Presenting the aftermath of the troubles they get into is one of the best points about the manga... I just hope they do show some aftermath in the following episodes at least.

I think there are a few more, but nothing major. Well, we are only three episodes in, after all.

Yours truly, always happy to provide spoilers,

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