Monday, 22 April 2013

The Snake that Encompasses the World

I loved this series.

Yes, there was a lot to swallow in order to properly enjoy it. The spies were limited in number. Science doesn't work like that. Technological innovation has its own mind. Nobody mentioned space colonies. The world is much bigger. But still...

See, the adaptation job was done brilliantly. The focus was where it needed to be. The animation superb. Oh god, that soundtrack, and the matched previews. Etc etc.

The finale portrayed Koko mad enough so that I can't accuse them of trying to pass the idea of depriving humanity of its wings as a moral lesson.

The characters all left a trace on me. Shit, with all the faces... I mean...
Yeah, even a secondary character like her made a lasting impression. Poor Chocolate.

And the story was good. A modern-day villains fable. That much at least was indeed deserving of love.

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