Thursday, 11 April 2013

Soredemo ikitenda

Cliched yet, but given well, this speech was. Truly an example to learn from. Goddamn, both this and Little Witch Academia were great storytelling-wise, animation-wise, music-wise, voiceover-wise, idea-wise...

Although. It's kind of lost when you don't even hint what the old man's last words were. When you have only one episode, thus no further impressions on the bartender, it's nigh impossible to find anything that supports or rejects any given possibility. So... what I made peace with is the following: he asked about his wife, and whether she would go to the same place as him. And the victorious smile was that he believed his wife will win. Or something.

Sheesh, Hyouka has killed something in me. I no longer believe what fits and makes sense will be actually right.

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