Thursday, 25 April 2013

Some Symphogear reactions

I'm not going to pretend it was the most well crafted original series there ever was, but they did put a lot of effort and love into it, which definitely shows.
Its one of the best 2012 action shows. Its Wild Arms creator deciding to write a B action series.
If you aren't watching Symphogear for the music, you're doing it wrong.

Then again, if your face doesn't hurt from the goofy smile you've had on your face for the past 4 hours, you're doing it wrong as well. 
 I called waifuism silly and ridiculous.
Then there was the fight at the chemical plant.
The moment she kicked her heels off, I was lost to her wiles...

Seeing a character break down over something like that was a fun change from ANGST UNDERSTANDING NAVEL-GAZING that is so typical of anime.
Even better, they wrapped it up... Just like that.
I think it was the cutest thing that she recorded the cloudy/starless sky to laugh with Hibiki over.
Exactly. Symphogear's characters were excellently done by giving them diverse reactions, giving us different perspectives very rapidly and letting us fill in the character between.
It worked damn well. Tsubasa had the weakest characterization, but even she had vulnerable and sweet moments as well as her stupid Bushido crap.
(all from this thread, none from me)

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