Saturday, 4 May 2013

The Importance of Being Earnest

There are works of fiction that make me want to go around and shove them in people's faces, giddily exclaiming how they should read them too. There are books that I've worn out from rereads. There are plays which, after reading them, make me want to watch them enacted too.

After reading this play, my want is to stage it.


  1. I'm so helping you do this if you're serious.

  2. Yeah, but, well, what should be the cast?

    You get Gwendolen, I suppose? My biggest problem is that I don't really fit anybody else but Jack appearance-wise, and I don't think I can do Jack justice. Ofc, I can always do Lane, Algenon's butler, but I dunno. I imagined him much paler than me.