Friday, 4 October 2019

Re: Choyoyu

Can somebody tell me what Choyoyu is even trying to do? Is it trying to have overpowered geniuses for main characters? Because if so, it's miserably failing. The way to do the concept of "a group of geniuses go to a fantasy game world and clear it with ease" is by setting the difficulty of the fantasy game world to the maximum, and yet the heroes managing it with ease. Ironically, TUEEE does exactly that, except for the damegami fucking it up. But, even more than that, the cast seems bland as fuck, and with zero effort made to match their personalities with their supposed talents. For example, how the fuck does the "genius politician" start spilling his guts the moment he wakes up? Broadcasting his weaknesses and taking forever to establish basic facts? He's acting like a spoiled aristrocrat, not a politician. Afterwards, he can't chew, but he can reach the crash site?! If they wanted to do an ecchi parody, they should have put more work in being ecchi and in being funny. It's not quite ridiculous at the level of "so bad it's good", so if they wanted to do that, they should have at least lampshaded it. Honestly, I barely managed reaching the middle of the episode. How did this even get published, much less get an anime? I've absolutely zero idea what mindset I should get into in order to be able to enjoy this shit.

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