Friday, 25 October 2019

Fall 2019 take 2

Average Abilities

Kabukichou - Elementary, but with rakugo
Kemonomichi - gets better; believe in Akatsuki Natsume
Africa Office Worker - good comedy
Assassins Pride - high quality chuuni edge

TUEEE - too repetitive, but Toyosaki Aki alone makes everything worth it
Ore wo Suki nanowa Omae Dake ka yo? - could have been really great, but right now is simply a middling comedy
Rifle Is Beautiful - nice SoL

Chuunibyou Boys - cringy SoL?
Babylon - it's a k triller?

The bookworm that doesn't even get aroused by books if we believe novelfags - MC is definitely not a bookworm, judging by what's been going on
Val x Love  - meh, not funny enough
Tokunana - discount fantasy GitS works only if cast is competent
NGL - ehh, the fuck. the main boy is awful, and not a single other character is interesting.
Iruma - I'm too old for this
every other series that got dropped on the first episode
Beastars - not interesting, bad first episode, I may as well skip it

left to try:
a lot of shorts and ONAs 

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