Wednesday, 9 October 2019

Error: the body was too long

Honestly, this is the least of my problems with this anime. It's not like the rest are big, just they are too many.

-chara design of MC is with smaller eyes than the rest of the cast, which is weird, as it suggests she's less "pure" and "innocent". I'd say a girl that wants to fuck only books is pretty pure even if she's mentally much older.
-chara design is also with the right proportions for a child, but weird more adult-like details, like the aforementioned eyes, or the shoulders, and other stuff. Lolis are usually the opposite: as frail and child-like in the details as possible, while having wrong more adult-like proportions for the sake of sex appeal. So she's an anti-loli.
-what's with this uniform five-storey buildings town? A medieval town with buildings this size would have much more people, per apartment and as a whole. Problems with waste would be way worse, and relying on wells would be unthinkable. And Myne's family seems pretty rich to have such an enormous apartment. If they have budget for this art style, they should at least do some details right.
-related to this, what's with the waste? They establish that it's dirty, but they don't really bother animating it.
-the very beginning of the anime is out of place, providing no context and creating no questions. All it says is "this isekai protag is like from another world to the rest of the isekai society". No shit.
-the more stylized part in the beginning should have instead been less stylized hyper-realistic in my opinion. Maybe even just filtered photos. That would have worked quite well. Just show some filtered photos of libraries and you're set to have a bigger impact than the contradictory fairytale aesthetics for a real life story.
-overall, why do they try so hard with overanimating pointless scenes? It's a waste of money. Money that could have been spent fixing the other problems.
-the music was practically nonexistent for some reason.
-what's with Myne's reactions? I know they have to establish the gimmick early on, but it feels forced as fuck. They should have instead spent time trying to build Myne as something more than a gimmick. People don't feel a narcotic addiction to books - but Myne does.
-whatever else is said about Myne is also weird. She feels zero body dysphoria after becoming a little girl, but a male changing the clothes of her new body? That's as awful as a male changing the clothes of her old body. So she's really quick to adjust to her body, but not quick to adjust to what her body means. At least make it more of an independency issue and say she wants to change her clothes herself.
-if they want Myne to be a meme character, at least show the reactions of the others to her meme-ness. The rest of the cast are pretty much just cardboard cutouts with names. Surely the previous Myne acted differently? Show some acknowledgement of this.
-and if they want the entire cast to be meme characters, just vessels for a funny what-if, at least try to make it funny. But the animation style and atmosphere are in direct contrast to such a goal. They suggest a better-crafted story, not a cheap parody of isekai stories.

Every point of this by itself is more of a nitpicking and personal preference, but together they make the experience nigh unwatchable. It's amazing how they manage this effect, even the mom isekai was easier to watch (and there the desired effect was to make you cringe).

>The fact that the production quality wasn't bad, and it had a solid concept yet managed to stay boring thorough is quite the feat.
Indeed. It's rare to see a first episode so devoid of attention hooks. The concept is indeed solid, but there's zero love poured into it. I don't even know if I want to watch the second episode. It just deleted all of the fucks I gave about it before airing.

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