Thursday, 28 October 2021

Re: Realist Hero

Realist Hero had really weird pacing:
Episodes 1 to 8 - book 1
Episodes 9 to the middle of 12 - book 2
The remaining one and a half episodes - one third of book 3
A full second season of presumably 13 episodes - the remainder of book 3 and book 4

Can somebody explain me why? It ended literally in the middle of nowhere like that, not even a cliffhanger, just one bland "wait, that's it?" right after introducing a new character. And book 2 is mostly descriptions of fighting, so 5 episodes would have been mostly enough for it. But with just 3.5 episodes it's rushed as fuck.
I mean, I'm not complaining. I expected them to get all four books in 13 episodes, making everything way more rushed, so even 3.5 episodes is beyond my expectations. I just fail to see any logic in adapting the first book properly, then for some reason upping the pacing significantly. Let's say they will spend some time fleshing out the rushed bits of book 3 in S2, after all they have nearly 8 episodes per book for each of book 3 and 4. But why book 2 specifically getting the scissors?
Or, like, do they intend to adapt more than books 1-4? The author himself says that books 1-4 were the original arc that he intended to write, so everything afterwards is just bonus material. It makes no sense to include anything more than them.

I'm genuinely baffled by this decision.

That being said, Mao voicing the tanuki is pure pleasure, and getting to hear the blue trash sing the actual song Give a Reason absolutely made the anime for me.

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