Tuesday, 12 October 2021

Re: Sugita

[8:08 PM] erejnion: I want Sugita to pep talk me
[8:09 PM] hellraiser: I already had a whole year of Sugita gracing me with his beautiful voice
[8:09 PM] erejnion: you can do one more year, I'm sure
[8:10 PM] hellraiser: https://youtu.be/BQKIwAZWXhc?t=26
[8:10 PM] hellraiser: it won't be the same
[8:11 PM] erejnion: it's quite similar
[8:11 PM] erejnion: Sugita is now too lazy to do other voices, it seems
[8:11 PM] hellraiser: why try when you've reached the top?
[8:12 PM] erejnion: yeah

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