Sunday, 17 January 2016

Not that I feel like writing

but I will, in the name of her broken wrist.
How the fuck did she pick it up in first place?

So, a reverse harem with a slightly stupid main girl who gets in danger the second somebody looks away. Devils who work as the student council of a high school. And her brother is of-fucking-course vampire.
Well, this is pretty standard, right?
It gets better.
Her mother of course fucked the Demon King, while her aunt got jealous of this and of course fucked the King of the Vampires. Best family ever. If this was written by an European guy, she would not forget to add that both sisters had some noble blood in their veins.
So why exactly do I like it so much?

First and foremost, it's a fucking musical. 
All of this over-the-top-ness? It fits perfectly when it's accompanied by a new song every episode.

Second, Mage is awesome. Just listen to his song.

Third, our main girl actually grew up into something pretty beautiful. After her best friend got killed off, she actually spent minimal amount of time sulking. It was more scenes like the above. Or getting bitchslapped, but that's another question. 
And, of course, in the end she did take her decisions without being wishy-washy, chose a boy, etc etc.

Fourth, the dynamics between the harem members were pretty well-made.
Fifth, the brother not only tried to go out of the family-zone the moment she put him in there,
but then in the last episode accepted her decision pretty graciously. I like it. I also like his archetype, the guy who can cook and is competent in everything. Also, combining your vampire CQC skills with exorcist spells? Awesooome. He was definitely the most experienced fighter, and the one who fought with most grace and effectiveness.
And do not forget what happens when he is "charmed". Such a troll <3

And, lastly, sixth, that scene where she was going towards the evil flower to stab it? Wow. Just wow. I didn't expect that.

As far as the fantasy worldbuilding aspect goes, they didn't do too much. Only some minimal amount, pretty much using all the classical tropes, no Twilight-ish bullshit. I suspect eventual new seasons would do more. After all, they killed only one of the three fathers that need killing, right? Next is her own father, then for a third season they will have to kill Rem's father too. And these two would involve traveling to the demon's realm, at the very least.
The songs themselves were fitting, and some of them were also actually good. I approve. And probably I will download.
Animation was quite bad, but oh well.
There were some moments the seiyuus amazed me. Like, the lying that the brother's father did in the last episode? It was awesome, people usually either overplay the lying, making it too obvious, or just play it like any other line, making it unrecognizable as a lie.
All in all, it has its own set of problems, but for such a production where you can't expect anything from it? It was fucking great.

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