Sunday, 31 January 2016

Fuck if I know why I'm writing this


We don't have a fucking choice. We need to keep the tax rates low as fuck. It's a question of survival. The Bulgarian economy will just disappear in one big poof if we rise the taxes. So shut the fuck up, I'd tax the fuck out of the corporations too if I had a choice.
At the same time, any try to make us like the US, discriminating in favor of Big Corp, should be stomped out of existence. Being obviously corrupt like Peevski is still better than actually changing the laws so that you can obfuscate what is going on.
Removing the far-right BSP policy of flat tax rate for individuals and going for something more curvy sounds good, but it may cause some issues if it's better for the wealthy to be counted as firms than as people. So yeah, I'm begrudgingly right on this issue, in the context of Bulgaria specifically.

Social issues
Not sure if there's any structural racism, but somebody does need to go through the laws and at least try to make them gender-neutral, including but not limited to stuff like rape, marriage and divorce. Meaning, yeah, I think gay marriage should be allowed. I'm quite the moral relativist, so you need to do something violating basic human rights to really piss me off. Like sleeping with a child. For some reason we as a society have decided children can't possibly give informed consent. Sheesh, why would that be.
That aside, I'm pro- decency laws, as long as you keep them lenient and you enforce them only in public spaces.
I'm highly against gov'n policies that discriminate on any sort of external characteristics, but it's only normal for example to ask yourself "What policy should I enforce so that gypsies benefit from it?" Which, by the way, includes funding research. Even better if those who conduct the research are gypsies. Anyway, the point is, if under the current policies Bulgarians have statistically easier time getting out of poverty, there should be a set of non-discriminatory policies that will make it statistically easier for gypsies. Just don't have the answer be "pay everybody enough". I want them out of poverty so that they can make awesome things, not so that they can lazy around 24/7. Not that we have the money for this anyway. 

Remember the thing about the populace having guns being the best deterrent to an overreaching government? It's outdated as fuck. Right now Internet is our best bet, by far. So, hooray net neutrality, hooray no gov'n backdoors, hooray no censorship. Also I'm damn near anarchist. If such a thing as center anarchist exists.

Big gov'n - small gov'n
Remember that thing called "automation"? Yeah? Because Big Gov'n is mostly bureaucracy that can and should be automated. Mind you, I am also big on keeping a paper trail (for the important stuff at least). But shit is so fucking inefficient right now...

Foreign policy
Integration in EU. Bulgaria is too small, with not enough natural resources, and in a bad place to import and export, considering how we're pretty much landlocked and most of the shipping involves, well, ships. We fare much better as somebody's backyard, and I prefer this to be EU.
P.S. Turkey is never entering EU, but I won't be surprised if Russia one day comes around. That's right, we shouldn't be coming around to them, they should be coming around to us, god fucking damn it.

If they want Bulgarian citizenship, make them work for it. If they don't want to work for it, obviously the prospect of working is actually worse than whatever they are running away from, so we should just return them to the paradise they were in. This working should be accompanied by courses in Bulgarian language and culture.
Also, the blue cards thingie? Make sure you get the immigrants in on this. If somebody wants to hire an immigrant, make sure it's as easy as possible.

To be honest, I don't see a point. The whole ruling class is practically communist in their thought processes, no matter if they had a role in DS or not. That extends even to people like the rectors and deans of the University. But, even if they were not like that, you'd still have to just play the game and strive for a situation where their immediate interests tell them it's beneficial to implement a policy that is actually good. This, of course, includes that you have to be the one to craft this policy, because they just don't have the required imagination and free thinking to do it.

Rewriting history
Please don't fucking do this. It's a fucking monument, it's there to remind us. Use it to ridicule and mock, but don't try to erase history.
Vice versa, don't act asspained when somebody ridicules or mocks obviously bad ideas. He's not mocking you, right? Oh wait. You hold these ideas, don't you?

Not voting is the best type of vote for the status quo. You just support the biggest parties. The bigger a party is, the more you support it. So, obviously you are content with the state of affairs right now.
Voting for a small party may amount to the same thing in the end, however it's not a certainty. If suddenly 25% of the Bulgarian voters decide to vote for small parties, I'm sure at least some of them will enter the parliament.
P.S. Don't vote for pro-Putin parties, or for authoritarian assholes. Giving too much power to such people is a treat to the national security, one way or another.

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