Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Yuyushiki jidai desu yo

When I watched the first episode when it went out, I thought that there won't be anything to speak about in this series. We will have these three characters, we will grow tired of them, we will finish the anime thinking back to the time as a slight waste.
So I dropped it.

For some reason, I downloaded it when Commie did the BD batch, and put it up on my phone.
Turns out I was wrong.
No, not that there would be pretty much only three characters, and not that there isn't much to talk about.
Strangely enough, it managed to keep fresh. Frankly, the beginning was the worst part. Generally, it fell into something that felt like an actual real-life dynamic, and kept at it. That was more than enough for me. And, even if I've given it 7/10, I'd recommend it. Yeah, not as something special; after all I didn't manage to really empathize with the characters, and there wasn't anything out-of-the-ordinary, but still, it was a good anime, and works perfectly for just unwinding. Not the iyashikei type of unwinding, simply as watching something unassuming and stress-less, without the burden of a bad execution to bother you.
Yeah, that's about it. I did say there ain't much to talk about. Well, you know, besides the fan theories about the puppets and the yuri googles... but meh, I better leave this clean, without speculah.

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