Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Qwaser last episode

Well, that was one big "FUCK YOU GO READ THE MANGA".

Best episode in this season, full of everything I loved in the first one. I mean, besides the comedy. That unique brand of comedy was covered in episode 10. As for the first nine... they were pretty lackluster. I mean, yeah, taking a level in badass and all, but... it could have been handled better. Actually, if the second season was 26 episodes with 13 episodes on the war, I could have lived with it. But like that? Meh. I expected sex from the second season, and we got only teasers in that aspect. What was it, a wet dream or two. And we don't even know if Mafuyu feels like fucking Sasha. Guess that's part of the war arc too. I will have to read the manga now for realz.

Though I continue to think that costume redesign works awful on Sasha.

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