Sunday, 6 October 2013

Moar angry HanaKana

That being said, let's see what else I can salvage from the /a/ threads.

>>94591957 (You)
Their issues and traits might be, but do you really see people acting like Tsukihi, Gahara, Sengoku or the others to such extremes as they do in the show?
Also all the characters are much smarter than the normal person and are able to get shit done, unlike real life.
Why yes, yes I do.
Also that's the main reason I like this series. The environment I grew up with was mainly populated with smart people. I am used to interacting with smart people. Show with only idiots doesn't really serve even as a comedy.

Are you literally so retarded that you just argued all of Nisemonogatari didn't happen to make it look like you actually had an argument?

The Nisemono in Nisemonogatari means "Impostor" or "Counterfeit" by the way, because Tsukihi is an "impostor" in that she's not his real sister, among other things that make many aspects of the story fake, like Kaiki being a conman.
 Wrong. It's mainly about how the Araragi siblings are "fake" (as opposed to Tsubasa, who is the "real thing").
I wouldn't bother to explain the word "fake" in this context, as that should be obvious to anyone who has watched this anime.

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