Sunday, 6 October 2013

HanaKana spewing bikers' slang

But first, Azumanga.
 Azumanga and Tsukihi talks aside,

Story time. /a/ is not my blog, but this is, so fuck it, story time. About a certain newyorker Gabi.

A control freak, a surgeon student. Trains karate and is well versed in martial arts as a whole. Has a twin; twin that personifies the other end of the medical/sports archetypes: psychology and cheerleading. Both have great bodies, of course. But, style-wise, Gabi is the perfect tomboy. Her sister is a non-issue, not the issue here. Not even their relationship. It's about their view on romance. Or, more precisely, Gabi's.

It was one of her favourite topics, you know. When she was drunk. Especially with Daniel and all his sappy love stories around. So, I heard it one day, I mean, one night too, while drinking near some no-name lake in Queens.

"Love is pointless from the start. But we, as humans, feel better when we are in love. So? The right approach is to just choose somebody unattainable, somebody far away from you, and mark him as the target of your excess affection. And stay that way, without ever, ever acting on these feelings."

In other words, the easy way out.

It was nice to see it in a fictional work too. It's rare to see something that feels like a real person, you know? Something that a real person has really told you before.

Now that I am finished with sidetracking myself, let's get to business.

HanaKana needs to be given way more often roles where she is screaming.

 And Nadeko's charm just went 1000% up.

 And Nadeko's charm just went another 1000% up.

 Throw in another 100% up.
  Twice because twice.
See? It was worth it to see it twice.

 Another great line. Sheesh, we usually never get anybody to say words like pointless.


 Best face ever.

* * * 

I can't believe I am having even more fun with Kabukimonogatari and Otorimonogatari than I had four years ago with Bakemonogatari. It really puts everything in perspective. It makes my life those last four years feel fulfilled, in a way. In a "fan of fiction" way. In two words,
feels good, eh.

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