Saturday, 16 March 2013


I can sit around all day counting up reasons I didn't manage to stay back in ColU... but... in the end, what really weighted, what broke me was the division between boys and girls there. Thinking back, I can recall only one girl I have made decent conversations with. It's excruciating, you know. How the fuck do you manage to gather a whole room of only boys, when prompted to watch something together? Why? Man... Nowadays that I managed to patch up my relationship with Milena, that Galia seems to stand even my more quirky sides, that Mira is there to chat with about stuff, that Ver is still bothering to im me... that Alia still depends on me... yeah, I am happy. It's not like I didn't try to meet new girls back then, as I managed to do here. It's that none of them showed any interest in simply talking with me. But one.

...really, thank you, Gabi. I owe you my sanity right now. I would have lost otherwise whatever small amount I had left back then too.

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