Saturday, 30 March 2013

Next-to-last episodes always suck, no exception.

...yes exception??
So, we start from Kon's idea. 

Epic as expected.

I mean, damn.

I am not sure if anything can top using Imagine as a soundtrack when trying to stop two armies from fighting. That's Vimes level of awesomecore, goddamnit.


That's not all! This episode gave us more! That is to say,
the King's "Keikaku doori" moment. Sheeeeesh. I like him already.


More weird Hime-smiles. Also all the other cute faces she made this episode... I admit, this is just my fetish.


P.S. the QUALITY frames felt more than usual, and the pace was upped in expense of good directoring, but goddamn, I just can't feel angry about these elements after such an episode <3

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