Saturday, 15 December 2012

Yuuta's inaction

It went too far. Around half an episode too far. Yeah, I know. It's simply a cinematographic technique to raise the tension... but, up to now Chuu2 managed to use everything in its favour. Up to now. Why next-to-last episodes are always shit? Can't they just tell the story right? Why would you want to leave a whole fucking episode as a build-up for the season finale? You know, fuck this shit. Chuunibyou just lost its place in my Hall of Glo... I mean, in my list of favourite anime series.

At least I hope we'll see Mori snapping too. Not only Yuuta. It would be kind of sad if Mori has to snap so that Yuuta stops dwindling around, but I would love to see her action. I mean, as opposed to Yuuta's inaction.

In unrelated news, I love what KyoAni is doing with the colors. And the animation. And everything. Well, the sixth ep scene with the passing train still takes the crown. For the whole year.

P.S. And I still consider this a romance, to boot, the best one lately.

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