Thursday, 20 December 2012

Of the end of Chuunibyou

From :

That they learn there is a way to enjoy life and still live one at the same time. So what if the rocks aren't magical stones? Appreciate them for their beauty. Wonder and marvel at how they took thousands of years to get that shape, to be created. So what if the stars in the sky aren't gateways to another dimension? They are actually huge giant balls of fire that have been around for millions of years and we are still not sure how everything about them works. Are you telling me that's not magical and wonderful in it's own way? What kind of a boring person are you that you think the only wonderful things can come from purely made up scenarios?

The world is mysterious and wonderful as it is. It is not solely divided between those who use their imagination and soulless drone slaves to society. You just need to look harder.
I may write a coherent post about Chuunibyou later on, but I had to save this somewhere. Posters like him are why I keep going back to /a/...

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