Wednesday, 5 December 2012

@6th ep of sign

So... everybody in this anime is an asshole, except for the main girl.

And, if the main girl was an asshole too, right now she would be spreading rumors how the Crimson Knights caused these monster appearances, and are endangering the physical well-being of all players of this game just because they couldn't leave a single human being alone. But she is too nice for that. And a little gullible, but that comes from "too nice" too.
Actually, turns out the main guy(?) is just a lot of sociopath, and a little of an asshole. A pebble when compared to the boulders that are the rest. And at least Sora has the excuse that he is, well, roleplaying an asshole.

I really wish at least one of the characters had common sense. Or at least to be genre savvy. They are fucking gamers, how can they be not genre savvy? Sigh. At least Yuki Kajiura is there to sooth my soul. How must I know where obsession needs to go...

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