Monday, 3 December 2012

Tenri Hen and translation efforts.

First, the cover, as for some reason I really like Watanabe's design for Tenri:

Then... whoever that Hinoka guy is, I am glad he spent the effort to release this OVA, especially how nobody can even find an .iso, not to mention translate and release it. But... His japanese is obviously on a rather low level, and he didn't bother much to smooth over the English. Instead, the script was really faithful to RHS' scanlation of said chapters. And by "really faithful" I mean, lots of the lines were directly copied from there. It... you know... does not actually work. The OVA changed some stuff, especially at the beginning. To be precise, in the manga Keima first goes to his game library, falls over, then goes shopping; instead, in the OVA, Keima directly goes hunting for new games. That's okay, direction-wise, I actually like it this way more, it's more... concise and to-the-point. But, because of this director's decision, the translation was absolutely off, being simply copied from the manga. Putting this aside, there were several moments, where Hinoka shortened lines in order to make them fit in the time constraints... which changed the meaning. Oh well. I can bitch about the timing and typesetting too, but considering I didn't bother at all to fix them, I am guilty too.

Speaking of guilty... yeah, I am a native bulgarian speaker, I don't live in an english-speaking country for three years already, and I know just a little japanese... So, whatever efforts I spent to correct Hinoka's scripts are, by definition, useless. The best I can hope for is that my script is a little less wrong. But, you know what? Such shit is one of the things you should do at least once in your life. Like... like walking in the rain. No, not the summer rain, that warm thing that cleanses you, just the normal October rain. Heck, the weather is going to hell anyway, so I am not even sure what "normal October rain" even is. But yeah, at least once in your life you should get soaked to the bones. Just so that you know what the feeling is. And, as an anime fan, you should at least once in your life release (shitty) subs for a favourite show of yours. A tide of life, so to speak.

Ha, all in all, I certainly don't regret the slightest these wasted two hours of my life.

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