Sunday, 6 February 2022

Regarding toku

[4:52 PM] erejnion: Cocoon Medical Company, and next door Scorpion Shipping
[4:52 PM] erejnion: I found the base of the local evil organisation
[4:56 PM] hellraiser: nah, they're just letting old people get young again and have some fun before going back to their planet
[4:57 PM] erejnion: Makes sense
[4:57 PM] hellraiser: making two movies out of such a boring plot doesn't though
[4:58 PM] erejnion: I still prefer to think I can find a cute hydra girl with four additional heads
[4:58 PM] hellraiser: imagine the blowjobs
[4:59 PM] erejnion: The heads-sisters would just heckle you
[4:59 PM] hellraiser: somehow I've seen lots of fucked up shit involving twins in 2D porn but never hydra blowjobs
[4:59 PM] hellraiser: what a pity I can't draw
[4:59 PM] erejnion: Sad
[5:00 PM] erejnion: Next comiket surely must deliver
[5:00 PM] hellraiser: the creativity is completely missing there
[5:01 PM] hellraiser: and all the big magazines are a little too vanilla for me
[5:02 PM] erejnion: If the japanese don't like the show enough at least for a little bird x hydra, I'm ragequitting
[5:02 PM] hellraiser: monster girl is super niche
[5:02 PM] hellraiser: like
[5:02 PM] hellraiser: out of Ishuzoku Crim got the most porn
[5:03 PM] erejnion: Probably 90% are gonna be wolf-kun
[5:03 PM] hellraiser: yup
[5:03 PM] hellraiser: though
[5:03 PM] hellraiser: out of all popular mobage Arknights gets the least doujins
[5:03 PM] hellraiser: so even animal ears is too much
[5:03 PM] erejnion: And most of the rest gangrape of the main character
[5:04 PM] hellraiser: there's one jav company that hires SFX people and stuntmen from toku
[5:04 PM] hellraiser: they've taken this niche completely
[5:04 PM] hellraiser: they have all sorts of heroes and villainess things
[5:05 PM] erejnion: There's even a chance they'd make something if the anime is popular enough
[5:05 PM] hellraiser: for some reason
[5:05 PM] hellraiser: there's a lot of such anime lately
[5:06 PM] hellraiser: it can become a fashion
[5:06 PM] hellraiser: this year there's gonna be an adaptation of some manga
[5:06 PM] hellraiser: where the red ranger and the villainess are dating
[5:06 PM] erejnion: Nice
[5:06 PM] hellraiser: they could even do the yuri Kamen Rider manga
[5:10 PM] erejnion: Is that translated?
[5:10 PM] hellraiser: yup
[5:10 PM] hellraiser:
[5:10 PM] hellraiser: mangadex may have more
[5:12 PM] erejnion: It's gonna fit well after "tomboy magical girl is desperately trying not to fuck her friend"
[5:13 PM] hellraiser: in Japan it's mostly for the same audience anyway
[5:13 PM] erejnion: Yeah

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