Monday, 8 March 2021

Yet another chat spam

[1:58 PM] hellraiser: reminds me of that thing with messatsu from Muramasa 
[1:58 PM] erejnion: ? 
[1:59 PM] hellraiser: it was some word to describe the curse 
[1:59 PM] hellraiser: MC and his imouto used armors that are the strongest in the world
[1:59 PM] hellraiser: but everytime they kill an enemy a curse would force them to kill someone they like 
[1:59 PM] erejnion: ... 
[1:59 PM] erejnion: wow 
[1:59 PM] hellraiser: the imouto was just going on a rampage around Japan 
[2:00 PM] hellraiser: trying to summon some god and kill him so she can overwrite destiny or smtn like that 
[2:00 PM] hellraiser: and fuck her father 
[2:00 PM] hellraiser: the twist was that MC is her father and brother at the same time 
[2:00 PM] erejnion: yeah 
[2:00 PM] erejnion: sounds like it's Japanese alright 
[2:00 PM] hellraiser: my favorite part is when she fights the main girl 
[2:01 PM] hellraiser: and they destroy the moon 
[2:04 PM] hellraiser: the imouto had also not even once activated the curse despite having murdered dozens of people and she only got close to acknowledging someone as an enemy when fighting the main girl 
[2:04 PM] hellraiser: not sure what the moral there was 
[2:05 PM] erejnion: being a psychopath is better than being an extremist 
[2:05 PM] hellraiser: fuck 
[2:05 PM] hellraiser: I think that's it 
[2:06 PM] hellraiser: first girl was an obsessed justicefag and got proven wrong by getting attacked by a crazy rapist's fucktoys who loved him 
[2:06 PM] hellraiser: second girl was obsessed with killing MC for vengeance and in her route they end up killing each other because she got fucked by falling in love 
[2:06 PM] hellraiser: 3rd girl just wanted to see the world burn and dying in her ending is also her goal 
[2:06 PM] hellraiser: sasuga onee-sama 
[2:07 PM] hellraiser: hasn't even read the game 
[2:07 PM] erejnion: yay 
[2:08 PM] hellraiser: main girl was boring with almost zero personality tho 
[2:08 PM] hellraiser: sadly

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