Wednesday, 3 March 2021

Lupin Part 5

[11:10 PM] erejnion: final verdict on Part 5: the people saying it's better than Part 4 are idiots. 
[11:11 PM] erejnion: whole episodes of absolutely nothing 
[11:12 PM] erejnion: annoying contrivances and denigrating the main cast for the sake of prolonging the plot 
[11:13 PM] erejnion: in a show like Lupin where you know that the core dynamics between the main four is never gonna change trying to bait the audience with change is just stupid 
[11:13 PM] erejnion: baiting with addition is fine; that's a staple for long running shows 
[11:13 PM] erejnion: but with change? eh. 
[11:13 PM] erejnion: also no Rebecca 
[11:13 PM] erejnion: Rebecca was a perfect addition 
[11:14 PM] erejnion: complementing the main cast in a perfect way 
[11:15 PM] erejnion: Ami did her own thing without touching on what the main cast did; Rebecca synergized with the main cast. 
[11:16 PM] erejnion: but really, it could have been a fine season even with the lack of Rebecca if just all of the arcs were done in 1 episode each.

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