Thursday, 16 February 2017

Random snippets

Caught me off-guard this fucker.

 Notice how they switch from taking a jab at Aqua to ante upping the joke by focusing on Kuzuma.

 Random scene in the middle of nowhere with expressive composition and non-standard perspective. Why? What do you mean why, of course the sixth episode would have disproportionately many gorgeously animated sequences, as opposed to the first one. What's this, some sort of logical production?

 More great animation. Makes you feel how hot it is under the kotatsu.

 dat face really. KonoSuba really does its best exactly with the faces of the characters. But this here? Obviously different style from everything up to now.


 Random Megumin nibbling on some greenery. Because why not.

 Chunchunmaru's godmother is tired of your bullshit.

 Whole sequence of non-stop changing over the top faces.

 And suddenly the joke from the first episode. Of the first season. For first time repeated fifteen fucking episodes later. Because why not. It's like this episode is the first of the second season, if this production had any care for standards and cliches.


 It's really nice how in a whole episode of non-stop high-paced comedy they snuck in this one frame. That being said, even the scene that followed, comedic in nature, shows Megumin in a different light than usual. Her usual motivation lies solely in Explosion, so even adventuring is more or less goofing around for her. But, when provoked like this, she's decisive and quick, reacting with pride, logic and temperament. It's quite the feast for your eyes.


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