Tuesday, 21 February 2017


Yeah, it's a huge turnoff. No sex is gonna happen until you warm her up again.

That being said, this anime is fucking boring. You know what was the charm of Bakemonogatari that hooks you up? You may think it to be the weird animation or the charming conversations, but noo. It was the sight of two smarter-than-average late-bloomers teenagers starting to date. All of the characters - boys, girls, whatever - had something going for them. Had aspirations. Had achievements. Had hobbies. Had something to their life to make it less empty. That's why Arararararagi and Gahara are so late to the dating game: it's not so much the drama in the past, no. It's that they were actually using their gray matter, and were preoccupying themselves with interesting stuff. In comparison, these fuckers are like empty hulls. They do sex, because their life is void of anything to distract them from their hormones. The title of the anime claims they are scum, but scumbags are more interesting than them. Even fucking normies usually have a hobby or two, but every so often you see those with such an excess space in their skulls and time in their schedules that sex is all they have to break the monotony. They can't even love or be loved, because what's there to love in an empty hull. How the fuck is anybody watching late-night anime supposed to relate to these characters? The very fact that you're up in that hour to watch anime means your life isn't quite as empty. Yeah, I can relate to the sex titbits, but that can't really carry the whole anime. It seemed at the start like the teachers would be sidelined, and the teenagers will slowly grow into more interesting people, but that hope is pretty much gone at this point. Frankly, only the lesbian seems like a half-interesting character at this point. I mean, the male teacher may not be quite as bored, his mind being constantly into the teaching he does, but he's quite the unlikable character anyway. And even the production should have relied more on the soundtrack to create an appropriate mood. Frankly, there isn't much to save this series.

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