Friday, 27 January 2017


Attention: spoilers below.

Context: The three main characters, Eve, Aika and Jordan, are in the last room next to the ultimate power together with the Big Bad. The Big Bad has almost won. Who will save the day? Who will get the ultimate power? Eve or Aika? Or maybe somebody else, somebody unexpected? Like Rick, who left half a season ago? Let's see in this thrilling last episode of Oban: Star Racers!

[00:38:38] Reighe: Jordan will stop him now, channeling his every last bit of Rick inside him?
[00:38:46] Reighe: pff
[00:38:49] Reighe: nope, I guess
[00:39:10] hellraiser: moje tq sama da se spravi bez nqkoi da q spasqva
[00:39:53] Reighe: whoa
[00:39:57] Reighe: whoaaaaa
[00:40:10] hellraiser: damn
[00:40:18] Reighe: daaaamn
[00:40:29] Reighe: he actually did it
[00:40:36] hellraiser: the absolute madman
[00:40:55] Reighe: lel
[00:41:02] hellraiser: (rofl)
[00:41:27] Reighe: I didn't call this
[00:41:48] hellraiser: I can't imagine anyone who watched the show calling this

[00:41:59] Reighe: me either
[00:42:13] Reighe: this actually saves the show
[00:42:19] hellraiser: mda
[00:42:50] Eien Ryuu: Well, it was either Aika or Jordan if you think a little about it. They were the only ones with her.
[00:42:56] Reighe: will she feel guilty now to fuck him, knowing God will be jealous?
[00:43:07] Reighe: dude
[00:43:09] hellraiser: she should
[00:43:12] Reighe: we thought Rick is more likely
[00:43:17] hellraiser: Jordan will only approve Rick fucking him
[00:43:23] hellraiser: her
[00:43:24] hellraiser: damn
[00:43:25] Reighe: :D
[00:43:29] Reighe: (rofl)
[00:43:37] Reighe: shit
[00:43:44] Reighe: I'm laiughing like idiot
[00:44:01] Reighe: so, like
[00:44:08] Reighe: the possibilities for me were
[00:44:50] Reighe: Eva > Aika > the dad > Rick > O > the old avatar again > nobody > some of the other racers
[00:45:21] hellraiser: az reshih 4e shte e Aika ili moje bi Eva poneje otivat zaedno
[00:45:36] Reighe: oh
[00:45:39] hellraiser: Jordan misleh 4e shte e mnogo random ako stane i ne go broih
[00:45:43] Reighe: misleh che i duhut na majkata mozhe da stane avatar
[00:46:00] Reighe: dazhe i murtuv chovek schitah za po-veroqtno ot Jordan
[00:46:04] hellraiser: haha
[00:46:13] hellraiser: >10 000 more years without gf
[00:46:19] Reighe: lol
[00:46:28] hellraiser: Jordan will reach Noriko levels
[00:46:39] Reighe: oh
[00:46:40] Reighe: ooooh
[00:46:58] Reighe: next season will be actually JJBA Part 9
[00:47:03] Reighe: nali do tam stignahme
[00:47:12] hellraiser: mda, 8 oshte izliza
[00:47:26] Eien Ryuu: Noriko?
[00:47:39] Reighe: and the main character will call himself Jojoruru
[00:47:44] hellraiser: nakraq na Gunbuster Noriko e 12 000 year old virgin
[00:48:14] hellraiser: they could've dealt with the krogg in a less boring way, but ok
[00:48:22] Reighe: iskah da kazha
[00:48:27] Reighe: shte se naricha sebe si Jojo
[00:48:35] Reighe: i shte iska da e ISTINSKI JOJORURU
[00:48:42] hellraiser: haha

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