Thursday, 19 January 2017

This was most probably the single best episode of a tv anime ever since Nadeko's OY UZOUMUZOU aired.

 This shit really had everything. I mean... wow. Every single scene was superb. Perfect comedic timing, tight pacing, plot, PLOT, scum Kazuma, Kazuma and Megumin bathing, Aqua being eaten. Megumin deciding it's warmer inside the frog, Megumin sliming up everybody, bullying, bullying, bullying everybody, people in despair from the group, Lalatina enjoying some abandonment play from the series itself, Megumin finding food, Yunyun getting BTFO'd by everything INCLUDING A FUCKING PLANT, Kazuma being an egalitarian asshole, bullying by everybody, new cat, the one-upping before the bath scene, the cat massaging Wiz' boobs, normal conversations, comedic reactions by the cat in the background, deredere Kazuma, the official in despair, great animation, great and fluid and not distorted animation, damn the opening is still the greatest thing ever and the ending is as good as the last one, even the eyecatches were cute and cool, confusion whether Funifura is a made up name or a normal name for the Crimson devils, SASUGA NEE-CHAN, Megumin hooked up on winning against Yunyun, and... and...

No, really.
I really loved how this... wasn't really needed. Besides giving more life to their characters.

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