Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Which one is your utmost desire?

-Usomonogatari, Kaiki April
-[Owarimonogatari (part3)] to be over one million pages
-Nisemonogatari VHS release
-Eternal tour with Hachikuji that you never come back from
-Senjougahara stationary set, you can transport it under your skirt
-Nekomonogatari BD audio commentary by both Hanekawa and Black Hanekawa
-Monogatari Airline
-Nadeko's shoujo manga, [Kimi to Nadekko] to be animated
-[Kimi to Nadekko] spinoff [Kimi no Ninki ni Kuttsukihi (Parasitising Off Your Popularitsukihi)] to be written
-South Pole tour with Kissshot, go in one huge jump
-Ononoki Yotsugi 1/1 scale doll
-Black Hanekawa fur rug
-Oshino Ougi novel, all pages are black
-[Kogarashi Sentiment] starring Senjougahara Hitagi to be novelised
-Tsukihi's friendship checklist
-Black Hanekawa coffee
-Ononoki Yotsugi facial expression cards
-Girl's band [Lolitrio] disbanded [A difference in childish direction (*osanajisei-child sounds like ongakusei-musical)] [We don't even remember forming a band in the first place]
-First volume of [The Spell Book of Kaiki Deishu], "free"
-Senjougahara Hitagi 100/1 scale figure, to match the opening
-Time travel tour with Shinobu, destroy the world
-240 hour Monogatari marathon
-Sengoku Nadeko medusa wig now on sale with real snakes
-Hanekawa's restaurant, [The Restaurant of No Orders] opens for a limited time only

I vote for the Yotsugi doll.

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