Sunday, 6 April 2014

I was busy preparing the food.

So. We were right.
Consider everything this chapter.
Consider the faces, and the reactions.
Consider the sweet Elsie, but something is slightly off. Both in her actions and in her face.
Consider Keima. A Keima totally different from the Keima in the beginning of the manga. A Keima exemplifying the character development he got.
Consider how he ate the meal.
Consi... eh? what will you do after you consider everything? God only knows.

In the end,
I love his smile.

P.S. short list of what she might do as she pleases.
>reincarnate as Keima's kid
>reincarnate as Keima's little sister (KeiMom getting pregnant now)
>reincarnate as Chihiro
>make the largest fire truck on Earth

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