Thursday, 20 March 2014


did I like this anime so much? All things considered, He Is My Master should have been a normal, average lovecom/harem... yet
That perfect couple... I don't even have words. I mean, the ZnT couple was one thing, but this? They are obviously crazy and passionate for each other, yet both are unwilling to admit their feelings, and just go about in their own pace.
All that trolling... Mitsuki aside, that last arc's Yoshitaka was a piece of art. Mitsuki was almost annoying, considering the amount of trolling she did, but the last arc put everything in perspective, and not only made it ok... it made it perfect.
From the characters, only that ojou-sama in the end was kind of meh, but oh well. She didn't have time to get developed. Like the respective families.
Music was great; I should get the OST. Opening not so much, but I love the ending. VAs were great, esp Yoshitani. Animation got fucking good in the second half... with some pretty cool transitions and angles.
And the story... well, the story was trolling all over.

And, for a story that is trolling all over, I actually cried on the last episode, and my heart was aflutter for some time before it, too. Actually, probably since ep8 I was already in the mood, and my imagination was working on it. And it was even better than what I imagined... well, kind of short, but that wedding dress <3 and how Izumi found it <3

Anyway, bonus round:
...I mean, seriously? Fuck common morals, all that matters is what I myself find as important. This guy is true CN. I did not expect such a thing, not even after 11 episodes of him in front of my face. I love shows which keep and even overplay the moral "faults" of the characters even in the dramatic last episodes.

Did not expect them to go for this either. Probably the best addition... and it was in the same spirit as the one above. Fuck common sense, that development of her character is what would suit her the best, what would be the best, so we go for it even if it makes no sense to lawful alignments.

And THIS scene... this... um... yeah. Sorry. No profound life choices to comment on here, just dem gainax jiggle. Seriously. Ok, I am calling it a day now.

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