Saturday, 20 July 2013

This season

Uchouten Kazoku - great series, would recommend to anybody(1).
Gatchaman CROWDS - great series, would recommend to anybody(1).
Servant x Service - great series, would watch with my cousin(2).
WataMote - great adaptation, would recommend to any nerd(3).
_monogatari - great continuation, would recommend to any fan(4).
Symphogeah - the best of them all(5).
C3bu - fine too(6).

Am I in heaven or something?

(1) Anybody meaning anybody. Yeah, to people who don't watch anime too.
(2) That's one of the biggest honors out there, y'know.
(3) Must've been kind of socially awkward at a period of his life.
(4) of the series.
(5) By "the best of them all", I mean "the fucking AOTY".
(6) no cats included.

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