Thursday, 7 February 2013

Auri is moe as fuck

See title.

Also, this one week without a laptop resulted in finishing The Name of the Wind, and 1000-1500 pages from A Song of Fire and Ice. The Name of the Wind is still the same kind of gary stuish fantasy, but the main girl has a passing resemblance of an old friend of mine (which I am not sure what sign should I attribute to this), but, with the danger of repeating myself, the character of Auri is moe as fuck, to the point that I want to see an anime adaptation of this solely because of her. I will write this off as good writing, even if this writing off is not good writing in itself. As for Game of Thrones... I have no idea why people like the Imp so much. He is kind of emo... heck, now I like his brother more... but that may change with book 5; I still am only at 518/776 with book 4. Needless to say, the best and the only truly worth it character is still Arya, I mean, Cat. These name changes, I liked. The style of writing besides them? Meh. Oh well. Now for some Optimization.

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