Saturday, 16 February 2013

Из темите за Момичета и Танкове

>Leonid Kharitonov & Red Army Choir - "Dark-Eyed Cossack Girl"
Once a dark-eyed tanker girl
Fixed my tank.
She asked for a small amount of money
Not highly valuing her work.
What’s your name, young lady?
And the young lady replies:
“You’ll hear my name
In the clatter of your tank's tracks.”

I drove along the street,
I cruised the roads,
And along the path among brown rocks,
And among gray rocks.
“Masha? Zina? Dasha? Nina?”
None seem to be her name.
“Nonna! Nonna!” – was sounded to me
By my tank's clattering tracks.

And since than time, whether I ride
Or whether I drove -
"Nonna, Nonna, Nonna, Nonna..."
I diligently whisper.
What a muddle-head I am!
Because I have another waifu!
But I cannot get over Nonna, like a song,
Out from my soul, anon!

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