Sunday, 20 January 2013


Any try for drama in this anime is either laughable or irritating.

Actually, you can pinpoint which is which easily: if they start moralfagging, it's irritating; if they try to show how all the suffering made Kotoura have a bad character, it's fucking hilarious.

But, well... the scene between the main guy and his stalker was disgusting. I mean, heck, that was all in all two lines of script? If this was a parody show, it would have been ok, but that didn't seem like a parody. After all, isn't the stalker part of the main cast? Besides, I hate just explaining every bad decision in a show with "it's a parody". If it's a parody, it's doing a poor job. They should have just kept showing how much exactly had Kotoura degraded over the years, but with bonus lampshading the fact that they are doing so. I would have enjoyed the hell out of such show.

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