Friday, 11 January 2013

Drugs and chocolate and chocolate

Did anyone notice that he gets given a mushroom before everything starts going trippy? There's also a lot of mushroom imagery in the OP too.
Also to add to this, whenever I take mushrooms I always notice small things, like writing and stuff that seems connected and brings on a small sense of paranoia (Similar to when Sasami starts seeing the word 'Choco' everywhere). Then suddenly my trip explodes into bizzare dripping dali-esque visuals and general psychedelic experiences, very similar to how the chocolate floods everywhere and suddenly everyone starts acting bizzarely out of character.

Also the fact that when tripping, surfaces seem to seem almost like liquid as if they are dripping or made of a strange material...the overly saturated colors seem very reminiscent of a mushroom or LSD trip too. I know Japan is reasonably familiar with magic mushrooms as they've taken them for centuries and they weren't made illegal until 2002 or 2003.

Just observations. 
Mmmhm, I think that's kind of important to remember.

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