Wednesday, 21 November 2012

We all need a full-lesbianism S2

The central theme in Symphogeah is how one of the heroines wants to fuck the main character, but she, as a MC, is always busy with boring stuff like saving the world.

And I probably don't even need yuri googles.

Putting this aside; the first time I watched Symphogear I marathoned it on the large TV, and the experience was simply beautiful.

Then, thinking back to what mishmash I just finished, I wondered if I am not just overexalted, and the adrenaline rush is affecting my judgement. But... continually in this last half an year, no matter when did I decide to watch a segment of it again, no matter what I felt at that moment, I still thought it great.

Something is wrong with me, eh?

Screw that, the very act of giving a chance to Symphogeah means something is probably wrong with you, so I am just going to enjoy the heck of Volume 3... one more time for tonight.

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