Saturday, 24 November 2012

Side notes: chapter 386

Hamster is the best girl.

Leaving this aside, Ruka is surely annoying. She decides on something, and stays true to it... which is okay, but she just jumped on the decision that she loves Hayate, and proceeded to screw up everything from there on for the sake of that idiot. Well. Can't blame her too much, she is just lacking in the intelligence department, as observed... and Hata is probably just using her to get Hayate to realize his own feelings. As with Hinagiku, kind of. Hinagiku had main role in getting Hayate to admit to himself that he loved A-tan. And Hinagiku got one of the worst rejections possible, after which she kind of got sidelined, not as a main love interest. That's why she hasn't annoyed me to hell in the last 200 chapters. Ruka will probably be used in a similar way, then thrown like a dirty rag to the side too (yeah, getting a major secondary role, and all, but still only secondary). Considering the anime adaptations by Manglobe, and the themes that Hata is putting in the last hundred chapters or so, it will probably be how Hayate reaches the conclusion that he wants to pay his debt to Milady back himself, and how he realizes that even without the debt, there is no way he could leave her. Which I imagine will make himself an even better/more enjoyable character, and I will be fuck-yeah-ing for hours after I read the relevant chapters, but... for now... Ruka is annoying.

Eh. That was just a side note to the story, as long as Hamster's there, and Nagi continues to grow up as a human, nobody cares about stuff like Ruka.

P.S. I am still at 40/78 of the JC Staff adaptation... I wonder if I will ever finish it...
P.P.S. Aika is the only character I do not trust, so... ch386 ends in a cliffhanger for me. Fuck. I am actually worried what will happen...

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