Saturday, 24 November 2012

Genetical engineering and teen drama

that death flag...
So. Shun raised a death flag around the size of Jerusalem. What else?

I love the distressed Saki. "Should I leave Maria for Mamoru's sake? But no, that won't work... Am I right to date Maria? Isn't it just following my genotype's stress relief algorithms? But what about my Shun? What is Satoru doing? Why don't we all just become a happy fivesome? But wouldn't this be just giving in to our genotype? [...]", and so on, and so on.

I love the setting too. Heck, can't you smell all the angst?

And I love all the sexual tension. Unlike some normal book, the sexual tension here is... creative. Ha. I said already about Saki's thoughts, but... even leaving this aside, it's really fucking fun to watch the sexual tension with gay couples as a base for it.

Let's see what will happen from now on... probably we won't see much next episode, but that's ok. The pacing's just like that.

That being said, besides the ED and the amazing OST, this adaptation is still shit. Not as shit as before, but... sigh. Also, the VA for Satoru's rebound is terribad.

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