Thursday, 9 December 2021

Re: Denpa Onna

[10:19 PM] erejnion: I think I will watch Denpa Onna once again
[10:19 PM] erejnion: it's a surprisingly rewatchable anime
[10:20 PM] erejnion: you find new snapshots to take on every rewatch
[10:20 PM] hellraiser: I still think it's the pinnacle of eroticism for Shaft
[10:20 PM] hellraiser: nothing comes even close
[10:20 PM] erejnion: these are two frames all in all
[10:20 PM] erejnion: they take 1/12th of a second on screen together
[10:21 PM] hellraiser: that's how it is when you have passion for your work

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