Tuesday, 31 March 2020

You'd think the first sentence would be the punchline

I must confess that I am writing this review as a virgin (I'll let you decide whether I'm a Male or Female).
You'd be wrong.
Yes, you read that correctly. This sentence is just the beginning! Every following paragraph is even funnier than the previous one!

Read on if you want a detailed breakdown how every single statement is ridiculously off-the-wall wrong and opposite to reality. But I recommend first going through the entire review by yourself, because it's an absolute comedy gem, the likes of which we rarely ever see.

"Ishuzoku Reviewers" is the same borderline hentai that we've all previously seen and yet, it has gotten a praise beyond belief. It doesn't offer anything new, it doesn't try to elevate itself and it looks ugly (as usual) so why the love then?
This is two consecutive statements:
"It doesn't offer anything new" - sex. Unabashedly showing and celebrating sex is rare in human fiction as a whole, and was practically nonexistent in anime up to now. Even 99% of hentai is a far cry from the celebration of sex and diversity that Ishuzoku is.
"it doesn't try to elevate itself" - I think it does far more than enough to elevate itself, considering its theme and how well it goes for that theme. Personal opinions on that theme nonwithstanding, nobody can argue that it doesn't elevate itself towards that theme.

It appears this anime portrays every man's dream. A dream everyone has had at one point of life.
Many people prefer to not go to prostitutes at all. It's hardly every man's dream.

Fucking all them bitches because yes, the female portraying is the usual although here it's slightly pushed to the next level.
It's pretty rude to call the prostitutes bitches. They do honest work like everybody else. And the female portraying is really positive and diverse. If anything, it's TOO positive, avoiding discussing any darker topics.

Every female here is destined to work as a prostitute and I don't think I've seen a single character opposed to this cruelty. They like it and that's all the explanation we got.
Except the main female character. And, of course, most females in that world - but the anime focuses on the prostitutes. Because of its topic.
What you mean is that every female CAN become a prostitute if they want.

"Ishuzoku Reviewers" isn't really good and one of the main reasons is the sex, it's main subject matter.
Let's correct this a little: YOU don't really like "Ishuzoku Reviewers", and one of the main reasons is the sex.

It's hentaish and you know what that means... it sucks. For some reason every sex scenes in anime doesn't work too well whereas in manga it does.
Ishuzoku aside, this is a question of pacing. Manga allows you to pace the scene much differently.

If this was a manga instead I might have liked it but because it's in an anime i've FELT a level of disgust to watching it.

I've seen a lot of hentai and there's only one that was decently made but that was because of its story, in "Ishuzoku Reviewers" that's not the case since there's not story.
The story serves the same sex-positive theme like everything else.

Stuff happens throughout the show but it leads to nowhere... 
The world itself changed a lot, and we can see the results. The last episode directly focused on the causality of the story.

well that's not exactly true since everything leads towards sex and our guy, Rance's older brother Stunk who will take care of them pusss, amirite!?! Jesus o lord I ask your forgiveness for having seen this abomination.
You mean Rance's son. And he won't take care of them pusss, depending on the brothel and the prostitutes.

The characters are weird. Their design seem to be coming from hell itself.
Technically speaking, the designs are quite rounded and specifically made to be pleasant and not-edgy. Softer colors, nothing too saturated... in other words, the show strives for a happy-go-lucky atmosphere. The opposite of "designs coming from hell itself".

Especially the females. Because there are so many it's hard to draw them properly and it leads to some creepy looking ones.
Characters were drawn on design. And the designs themselves tap from a long history of monster girls bestiaries.

Christ, I've seen a 70 years old naked
That's the joke.

and she's pounded by a kid. Now yes, he's over 200 years old but because the age here is out of charge It's hard to know how old someone might be or not. Unless they're explicitly mentioned there's not way of knowing a kid has been infiltrated there to fuck some chicks.. for whatever reason. Someone please call Chris Hansen.
You heard it folks: every short man is a kid! Who cares about anatomical differences between a kid and a grown-ass man? The character is short so it's a kid!

The worst part of the anime is the sex duration.
It's absolutely normal. Quite realistic.

We don't actually get a specific time of its duration but it's pretty clear that the main characters has been having sex everyday multiple times
One time per day. But, just as normal in the real world, every session includes cumming a few times. 

which leads me think, is that even possible considering one of them is a human? Because, if it's based in real-life then it shouldn't be possible for a human being.
Yyyyes. It is not only possible, but it's normal. Oh, but that in the ending about finishing five times in an hour? That's somewhat exaggerated, as can be seen by the reactions of the girls who say it.

For the other characters, it's hard to tell since they're a different race but i'm sure there's a limit.
See above about the limit.

It's not you can go and bust out at any given time, amirite?
Yes, you can't bust it out at any given time. But... see below.

I know what are you asking? But why? I want it to be realistic, that's why. What we get to see is definitely not that.
Finishing two-three times is absolutely normal. Unless, like, you are restricted by the clock, for example, so you have time for only a quickie or something. I personally find it normal if the girl finishes two-three times too, but especially for men it's absolutely the norm.

In the anime seems like the main characters can have sex all day whereas that's not possible especially for the human dude. He's the one with the most screentime and yet, we get to see him all day smashing everyone.
Not all day. An hour or two in the evening. That's absolutely normal.

The animation was probably the best i've seen in hentai, period. Unfortunately we're cursed to having always bad animation in them since even if they had a great animation no one would contribute to buying anything related to that.
Judging animation should be done by how well it serves its purpose. In this case, it serves its purpose really well. In fact, it's practically a master class in how you should adapt a manga. Wasting money on animation with more detail or more movement or whatever would have only made the adaptation worse. This is a balance that many projects completely fail. It's series like this or KonoSuba or Hidamari that figure it out: techniques that are typically used for cost-cutting sometimes serve the adaptation really well. So you must not discard these techniques even if you have enough money to not use them.

It's one of the reason why stuff like "Ishuzoku Reviewers" exists so people could actually spend some money on. Ultimately, I won't be the one spending for this crap.
I wish they reprint the first volume of the manga soon enough <3

Look, I like hentai (a few of them) but in anime they never get portrayed accurately. In the manga is much better, at least in perspective. Whoever draws them know how the body autonomy works. The animators clearly don't.
Accurately? I bet this is the same pacing problems I mentioned above.
The anatomy was perfectly good in Ishuzoku. Less detailed pictures in an anime are to be expected but that's not about anatomy. The anatomy dictates how you draw the body build.

Moreover, borderline hentai has no future. Either you turn into a full hentai or you go with ecchi. There isn't a middle section nor will be one. Just, FYI.
Ishuzoku just created the middle section. "Hentai sitcom" in the words of that one guy. I hope we get many more series in this niche.

Go watch Rance 01

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