Friday, 12 October 2018

The terror that is 2018 Fall season

Almost sure

Zombieland Saga
AOTY contender from two episodes.

Uchi no Maid-san ha Uzasugiru
Great animation, good plot. I don't see myself dropping it.

Double Decker

Just As Miss Beelzebub Likes It


I am 108 episodes and one movie into this series already. The fact that I don't remember anything from the movie, while I remember everything from the original Sisters arc from the manga, is of no consequence.

Seishun Buta Yarou series
I feel like I'll rage later on, but it's interesting for now.
edit: may as well follow this. It's at least worth the analyzing.

The obligatory Imouto series
Anime is trash and so am I.
edit: Anime is still trash, and so am I.

Slime (male)
Good animation, fun characters.
edit: 's ok.

Slime (female)
see above, add wanting to stick my dick in a jar as a reason
edit: the tomboys make it completely worth it.

Goblin Slayer
edit: the elf.

Irozuku Sekai
I hope this will be a nice SoL without much romance.
edit: I still have my doubts, but I may as well follow it.


Tonari no Kyuuketsuki-san
I hope this won't get repetitive and boring.

Maybe, maybe not

It's... not too bad?
edit: It lost me with the ojou-sama.

See above.
edit: dropped; bad second episode.

Jeanne d'Arc
It's so bad that it circles back into mesmerizing.
edit: hasn't lost the mesmerizing factor.

Akanesasu Shoujo
I'm interested in where this show will go. If it's generic mahou shoujo, fuck that.
edit: it's... okay?

Gakuen Basara
The references are lost to me. The principal being Oda voiced by Wakamoto is definitely not lost to me.
edit: dropped; didn't manage to hold my interest.

The more interesting time travel story. But, again, the references are lost to me.
edit: dropped; relies too much on the references, and the time travel is meh.

The less interesting time travel story.
edit: dropped; don't really care.

Le Cirque de Karakuri
It's kind of interesting, tho may become boring soon.
edit: it became boring very soon.

Left to try

                               ( - edits)
Release the Spyce - dropped; terrible first episode
Million Arthur
Conception - dropped; I don't see the point if the girl isn't really pregs
the Kitsune chinkshit - dropped; pointless.
Hora, Mimi ga Mieteru Yo - is great, will definitely follow.

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