Monday, 12 January 2015

Oh man, it's been so long, my love...

 How I've missed you, Ecle <3 I still love you and your smile <3

she's always really cute, I know
pure love
Okay, this last snapshot? I admit, it's about the whole sequence before that. Awesome, amazing animation! Man, I am in love, I just have no words <3 a season of adventure and sakuga, of heroes, search parties, and non-european elements... I am in heaven. Okay, I will be if Ecle gets at least as much screentime as last season, but ... you know, I shouldn't be too greedy... I mean... yeah, you know, if I say that Ecle is gonna be sidelined, it won't come true, like last time, and... but... agh, I'm gonna die.
I mean, I am going to sleep now, as it's 6am.

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