Monday, 30 September 2013

Uchouten Kazoku: aftermath


They didn't eat her.

What else did I note this episode? Benten got back to Master's side, I'd guess she was just being shy... lol, shy.  Pic related to the left, but I admire Yasaburou's inge... no, simply his sense of what is to be done; because it was not like he thought at all before doing this, it just seemed right to him, there was no need for him to search for this idea, it was his first instinct.
It was great how Master didn't address Yasaburou in the shrine visit scene: a silent approval of his growth, as if Yasaburou is already as good of a tanuki as they get. A sign of graduation as his disciple. Like Benten. Who honored us with some of the cutest expressions of hers in the whole anime.
And, goddamn, Kaisei. She was
so fucking cute
The most level-headed of them all, and the token one doing everything the right way. Maybe my favourite character... which says quite a fucking lot when you account for Benten and Yasaburou, whom I associate my own self with.

What can I even say more of the anime as a whole? It was perfect. Loved each of the characters, each of their relations and their talks. Even the secondary ones, and even the background ones. Loved their designs. Loved the art. Loved the direction. Loved the voice actors. Loved the music. Loved the atmosphere. Loved the city. Loved the end.

What I am left with? A fleeting sense of unrest whether Benten is closer in character to me or to the first girl I loved. A fleeting sense of unrest how I shouldn't actually believe I'd be acting exactly like Yasaburou in his situation. And a fleeting sense of unrest that we'll never see a second season.

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