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Symphogeah episode 9

edit: oh, and the torpedo. All in all, a stacked episode, full of important moments, many of which were of the "I called that!" variety. Although I expected Hibiki to be the one with a torpedo.

Now, that I've posted the highlights of the episode (in the last picture count all four times Sugita "did it" during this episode), lemme share something else.
[05/09/2013 23:20:41] Reighe: dude
[05/09/2013 23:20:50] Reighe: what I've wanted since day one
[05/09/2013 23:21:19] Reighe: that is to say, cute little symphogear one-with-the-relic babies of Hibiki and Miku
[05/09/2013 23:21:39] Reighe: seems like will actually happen this time
[05/09/2013 23:22:02] Ахчо0о: S2 is a fail for me.
[05/09/2013 23:22:41] Reighe: it's not more of a fail than S1
[05/09/2013 23:22:52] Ахчо0о: It is.
[05/09/2013 23:23:14] Reighe: onyl thing not present is the framing the start of S1 provided
[05/09/2013 23:23:32] Ахчо0о: I will have to say it.
[05/09/2013 23:23:38] Reighe: say it
[05/09/2013 23:23:42] Ахчо0о: S2 is just too forced for me.
[05/09/2013 23:23:48] Reighe: (rofl)
[05/09/2013 23:23:54] Ахчо0о: But I guess this is something that it cannot be helped.
[05/09/2013 23:24:11] Ахчо0о: And I am talking about both sides.
[05/09/2013 23:24:11] Reighe: in an anime defined by how forced it is
[05/09/2013 23:24:18] Reighe: you are complaining about that?
[05/09/2013 23:25:10] Ахчо0о: They were just retarded newbies once. Now it's all calculated. Maybe I am more insane than I think I am, but it's the truth for me.
[05/09/2013 23:25:49] Reighe: Fine was Lawful Evil
[05/09/2013 23:26:04] Reighe: Sugita is the very personification of Chaotic Evil
[05/09/2013 23:26:18] Reighe: is this your problem?
[05/09/2013 23:26:56] Reighe: and, besides, Bickie was never the retarded newbie
[05/09/2013 23:27:10] Reighe: newbie, yeah, but retarded?
[05/09/2013 23:27:28] Ахчо0о: The whole season is my problem, though to be honest I do not like his character. And I am saying as someone that after watching Kodomo no Jikan wanted more crazy evil Sugita.
[05/09/2013 23:27:45] Ахчо0о: I am not talking about the characters, but the one making the anime.
[05/09/2013 23:27:51] Reighe: ah
[05/09/2013 23:28:22] Reighe: I still feel the same amount of love being poured in
[05/09/2013 23:28:32] Reighe: that's the only thing that matters
[05/09/2013 23:28:41] Reighe: besides this... well, maybe you are right
[05/09/2013 23:28:56] Reighe: a haresvashe li Fine?
[05/09/2013 23:29:37] Ахчо0о: With asking me this is like asking me if I liked any of the characters at all.
[05/09/2013 23:30:01] Reighe: >not liking zenbu
[05/09/2013 23:30:13] Reighe: >not liking the girl who kicked off her heels
[05/09/2013 23:30:19] Reighe: >not liking the crazy lesbian
[05/09/2013 23:30:51] Reighe: all in all, I think only the sword girl still has to make herself as lovable as the rest
[05/09/2013 23:31:14] Reighe: at least she got more of a character, indeed
[05/09/2013 23:31:26] Ахчо0о: >doesn't even know her name
>implying I didn't had to think for 10 seconds before remembering it
[05/09/2013 23:31:34] Reighe: kind of overshadowed by Go To Hell and her antiques this episode
[05/09/2013 23:31:51] Reighe: Yukine Chris
[05/09/2013 23:31:57] Reighe: Tachibana Hibiki
[05/09/2013 23:32:11] Reighe: Mi... huh, ne pomnq familiqta
[05/09/2013 23:32:12] Reighe: aa
[05/09/2013 23:32:14] Reighe: Kohinata Miku
[05/09/2013 23:32:18] Ахчо0о: >showing of that he can remember the names of cartoons
Yeah, good job.
[05/09/2013 23:32:36] Reighe: considering I never remember names, this is quite something
[05/09/2013 23:33:40] Reighe: vizh, naistina ne pomnq familiqta na Tsubasa
[05/09/2013 23:36:13] Reighe: v nqkakuv smisul tozi sezon vsushtnost mi haresva poveche
[05/09/2013 23:36:31] Reighe: predishniq imashe ramkiraneto na nachaloto na purvi epizod, no se chuvstvashe razdelen na tri arki
[05/09/2013 23:36:39] Reighe: introto, Miku arkata, i last battle-a
[05/09/2013 23:37:05] Reighe: tozi e bez podobni schupvaniq v istoriqta
[05/09/2013 23:37:23] Reighe: I cannot help but admire this
[05/09/2013 23:38:10 | Edited 23:38:12] Reighe: drugoto koeto e, e che geroinite v nikakuv sluchaj ne sa v zastoj, koeto sigurno e naj-chesto sreshtaniqt problem na vtorite sezoni
[05/09/2013 23:38:18] Reighe: vsichki pokazvat razvitie
[05/09/2013 23:39:07] Reighe: v drug smisul, onova ramkirane opredeleno beshe edno ot neshtata, koito napraviha animeto za men
[05/09/2013 23:40:57] Reighe: it's fun though how they include stuff we were supposed to find out in the supplementary materials of the first season
[05/09/2013 23:42:14] Reighe: v treti smisul ramkiraneto tuk e...
[05/09/2013 23:42:24] Reighe: cql sezon ochakvame padaneto na tuhlata, narechena Fine
[05/09/2013 23:42:32] Reighe: it's going to be glorious
[05/09/2013 23:44:31] Reighe: actually, I think I know why it feels forced to you now. The show actually has a good animation budget. It was hard to take it seriously with all the animation mishaps the first time around, I must admit
[05/09/2013 23:46:21] Ахчо0о: >implying I don't watch Madhouse anime
[05/09/2013 23:47:02] Reighe: che kakvo obshto ima?
[05/09/2013 23:47:27] Ахчо0о: >Madhouse
[05/09/2013 23:47:33] Ахчо0о: It's negative.
[05/09/2013 23:47:47] Reighe: po-skoro imply-vam obratnoto
[05/09/2013 23:47:52] Reighe: ne gledash shouta s budget
[05/09/2013 23:48:12] Ахчо0о: I don't base my opinion about them only, because of the budget.
[05/09/2013 23:48:33] Reighe: I know
[05/09/2013 23:49:03] Ахчо0о: And I actually get pretty upset with Gonzo's quality this season.
[05/09/2013 23:49:05] Reighe: that's kind of beyond the point, tho
[05/09/2013 23:49:18] Reighe: Gonzo che vuobshte kakvo animirat?
[05/09/2013 23:49:35] Ахчо0о: Две анимета имат този сезон.
[05/09/2013 23:49:44] Reighe: Inu to Hasami i oshte neshto, iirc
[05/09/2013 23:49:57] Reighe: so?
[05/09/2013 23:49:58] Ахчо0о: Inu to Hasami (което май го дропнах) и Kimi no Iru Machi
[05/09/2013 23:50:12] Reighe: Inu to Hasami was watchable
[05/09/2013 23:50:29] Ахчо0о: Не говоря за него.
[05/09/2013 23:50:41] Ахчо0о: Знаеш ли с какво главно ме рейджва рейджващия град?
[05/09/2013 23:50:42] Reighe: I wouldn't care about that one
[05/09/2013 23:51:33] Reighe: e, s kakvo?
[05/09/2013 23:51:45] Ахчо0о: The animation.
[05/09/2013 23:51:59] Ахчо0о: Especially when it just stops existing.
[05/09/2013 23:52:02] Reighe: so there's no budget
[05/09/2013 23:52:03] Reighe: cool
[05/09/2013 23:52:05] Ахчо0о: Like none at all.
[05/09/2013 23:52:29] Ахчо0о: For like 10 seconds, a couple of times per episode. That shit makes me angry beyond... something.
[05/09/2013 23:52:32] Reighe: we were talking how you like more the first season of Symphogeah, the one with the much lower budget for animation
[05/09/2013 23:52:54] Reighe: point in case: i've suffered through .hack//Sign
[05/09/2013 23:53:14] Reighe: that anime was still shots at least half of the fucking time
[05/09/2013 23:53:38] Reighe: taka che ne mozhesh da mi se oplakvash ot neshto si kato rejdzhvashtiq grad
[05/09/2013 23:55:37] Ахчо0о: Не можах да намеря точно сцената, която исках, но ето ти пример за анимация.
[05/09/2013 23:55:38] *** Ахчо0о sent [Doki] Kimi no Iru Machi - 02 (1280x720 Hi10P AAC) [8F1A6F5F].mkv_snapshot_17.20_[2013.09.05_23.54.55].png ***
[05/09/2013 23:55:51] Ахчо0о: It makes me double angry that they are trying to hide it by looking artsy.
[05/09/2013 23:56:07] Reighe: woo, that's Sign stuff idd
[05/09/2013 23:57:03] Reighe: still kind of unrelated to the discussion about Symphogeah

It has a lot to do.
[05/09/2013 23:58:05] Reighe: nope
[05/09/2013 23:58:22 | Edited 23:58:33] Reighe: I am saying that you are taking S2 as more forced and calculated because of the higher budget
[05/09/2013 23:58:44] Ахчо0о: Did I loved Gintama, because it had a whole episode of which you can only see their apartment from the outside?
[05/09/2013 23:59:13] Ахчо0о: I am doing it for one simple reason, I do not trust them motherfuckers.
[05/09/2013 23:59:46] Reighe: trust them with what?
[05/09/2013 23:59:54] Reighe: to make a good ending of the season?
[00:00:19] Reighe: also, I must admit, ne se izrazih dobre
[00:00:58] Reighe:
[05 September 2013 23:47] Reighe: po-skoro imply-vam obratnoto
ne gledash shouta s budget
oznachavashe bukvalno tova, koeto pisheshe. "po-skoro". Ne che tova imam vpredvid, prosto che kolkoto i da e daleche, vse pak e po-blizo do dumite mi
[00:03:03] Ахчо0о: What the fuck happened.
[00:03:07] Ахчо0о: ANyway...
[00:03:15] Reighe: eh?
[00:03:21] Ахчо0о: Skype died.
[00:03:26] Reighe: ic
[00:03:29] Ахчо0о: And I am pretty sure it wasn't my net, just skype.
[00:04:58] Reighe: ama scenata kak ednoto loli nadrusva drugptp loli s anti linker beshe strahotna... music cuts suddenly for the sound of the gun
[00:05:05] Ахчо0о: It simple. With S1 many of them were very fucking new, even taking big roles for first time. But it's not their first time anymore. And they know what people liked about their show and so they do exactly that (not always, but most of the time (and by that I mean that they now always get the right stuff)). And I can't watch even a second without thinking that this time they actually put some real thought in it. And it makes me triple angry when they recreate popular scenes from S1. I do not trust them. I was told "they are new and retarded" and I kind of confirmed as much I could. But they are not new anymore and I can't trust shit. For me they are nothing more than evil minions at this point.

Something like that.
[00:05:37] Ахчо0о: It's hard to explain my own insanity.
[00:05:52] Reighe: Ok, how about this
[00:06:08] Reighe: this show has always been about using different tropes in an insane manner
[00:06:22] Reighe: as many different tropes as possible
[00:06:38] Reighe: many tropes are about parodying your own first season
[00:07:12] Reighe: I see this as a clear continuation of the same stuff we were fed with during S1
[00:08:26] Ахчо0о: It's the same as the young animator that loves to draw cute girls and the old director that wants to make something different.

They come and they said "dude, it would be so cool to do this and that" and they actually believed themselves. But now they do it more carefully, more calculated and try to actually understand and manipulate the market. The newbies aren't newbies for always.

Say whatever you want, I will believe this for Symphogear even after my death.
[00:09:24] Ахчо0о: No matter what happens, I won't be able to believe again in their idiocy.
[00:09:35] Ахчо0о: And without that I have to take it more seriously.
[00:09:37] Reighe: they were never idiots
[00:09:38] Ахчо0о: And then it's just shit.
[00:09:56] Ахчо0о: That's what you want to believe and I want to believe in something else.
[00:10:22] Ахчо0о: Until you go and put a gun in their mouth, you won't know for sure and I won't believe anyway in a word from their mouths.
[00:10:34 | Edited 00:10:59] Reighe: it's about doing something insane without care about accepted standards of storytelling
[00:11:20] Ахчо0о: >implying the standerds aren't insane
>implying standerds mean anything these days
>implying implying implying...
[00:11:34] Reighe: I am not implying this
[00:11:43] Reighe: if I was, I would have been repeating myself with that sentence
[00:12:11] Reighe: and yeah, they do, at least in this industry
[00:12:29] Ахчо0о: >implying our ideas of "the standerds" are the same
[00:13:01] Reighe: ne pomnq kude go bqh chel, no strashno mnogo trud otiva v tova da se proveri predi vuobshte neshto da e pochnalo dali budeshtoto anime shte se kupuva ili ne
[00:13:19] Reighe: horata, davashti parite tam, opredelqt tezi standarti
[00:13:45] Reighe: well, it's more or less the same shit in Hollywood too
[00:13:59] Reighe: prosto drugi standarti
[00:14:02] Ахчо0о: You are saying it almost as if only comapnies about anime does that.
[00:14:25] Reighe: naprimer happy ending, ili tova che geroqt trqbva da e amerikanec
[00:15:24] Ахчо0о: Можем да говорим и за сапуни ако искаш по този въпрос, но и какво от това?
[00:16:06] Reighe: this executive meddling is something I didn't feel in Symphogear during S1
[00:16:11] Reighe: and I still don't feel it
[00:16:34] Ахчо0о: Well, I do.
[00:17:08] Ахчо0о: You see, for me S1 was their research.
[00:17:28] Reighe: >research
[00:17:31] Reighe: seriously?
[00:17:40] Ахчо0о: No. Not in a literal sense.
[00:17:42] Reighe: you mean they were testing the waters with this insanity?
[00:17:47] Ахчо0о: It just somehow barelly worked.
[00:17:54 | Edited 00:19:24] Ахчо0о: And they took off after it.
[00:19:35 | Edited 00:20:09] Reighe: spored men prosto nqkaksi sa uspqli da probutat takava produkciq
[00:20:22] Reighe: i sled tova sa bili mnogo shtastlivi, che mogat da pravqt oshte ot neq
[00:21:27] Ахчо0о: It's the way of darkness, my friend. You become dirtier with every step.
[00:22:30] Reighe: vsushtnost kato plot s2 ima prakticheski nula priliki sus s1
[00:23:00] Ахчо0о: >implying someone gived a fuck about the plot
[00:23:02] Reighe: osven ako ne broim za prilika kak grupata novachki na Hibiki si imashe villain za scientist
[00:23:11] Reighe: i sega grupata na novachkite sushto
[00:24:42] Reighe: it's still pretty nice how there are no similarities, and the shout outs to S1 are nothing more than shout outs
[00:25:13] Ахчо0о: >no similarities
[00:25:31] Reighe: ok
[00:25:34] Reighe: nameri takiva
[00:25:35] Reighe: v plota
[00:26:13] Ахчо0о: Like I said, who the fuck cares about the plot.
[00:26:54] Reighe: obviously, the writers, as they coined up something new without resorting to using structures from S1
[00:27:31] Reighe: Miku gungnir li e sushto, spored teb?
[00:27:38] Reighe: ne prilichashe na Gungnir
[00:27:52] Ахчо0о: Call me insane or whatever, but for me neither season had plots. I just don't really call stuff like that plots, though I am not a word lover to begin with.
[00:27:58] Reighe: po-skoro fragment ot tova na lolitata
[00:28:17] Ахчо0о: I just got upset and closed the the episode, since it ended anyway.
[00:28:28] Reighe: upset with what?
[00:28:46] Ахчо0о: With the "happening"
[00:28:53] Reighe: Miku descending?
[00:30:06] Ахчо0о: Ever since S1 I wanted her to be leaved alone. She dodged the bulled then, but this time it was forced into her.
[00:30:15] Reighe: hey
[00:30:28] Reighe: that was needed for the relic-imbued babies
[00:30:37] Reighe: shouganaideshou, etc
[00:31:05] Reighe: also, you should have closed the episode much earlier
[00:31:43] Ахчо0о: I did an episode ealier when she didn't fall together with Hibiki for no reason.
[00:32:25] Ахчо0о: And I have to admit that blonde loli upsets me too, but I do not care about the new characters enough anyway.
[00:32:56] Reighe: that was obvious to happen
[00:33:09] Reighe: sanity horizon et al
[00:34:03] Reighe: when she comes back on this side of the sanity horizon, Fine will appear to crush the hopes of her lover loli
[00:34:18] Reighe: but then Fine will do something epic and everything will be fine in the end
[00:34:34] Reighe: at most with Hibiki and Miku double suiciding the Moon out of their way
[00:34:46] Ахчо0о: Not sure if we talk about the same thing. I was upset about how after knowing the Fine truth, she didn't finally just said "Oh, that explain everything. It seems that I am Fine." Pretty much didn't care about anything else expect these two things in the episode.
[00:35:15] Reighe: why would she need to say this?
[00:35:24] Reighe: she knew it from that one incident already
[00:37:15] Ахчо0о: She didn't knew shit. She kind of knew it, but she also knew howthe big one is Fine, so it doesn't make sense to her to have two Fine. She didn't knew what to actually think of it, but now it was obvious and it obvious she understood it, but did nothing with it. Will just hold, so we can have another surprise bomb for the characters.
[00:38:50] Reighe:
[00:39:25] Reighe: although she kind of skipped the bargaining
[00:43:22] Ахчо0о: Trying to imply something like that to a character with a personality that is nothing more than a personality of a character, makes me upset enough to want to drop this conversation. I wanted to do it like an hour ago, maybe more, with saying "Why do you speak so much only when no one cares. It reminds me of me.", but then I actually replied.

>inb4 something that I won't say, that doesn't even have to expressed to happen, but it will also makes me upset to say it, because then it leads to other stuff I have to inb4 and the I close myself in a cicle of own insanity and stupidity
[00:45:54] Reighe: Usually exactly characters follow this frame, as opposed to real persons, where it cannot truly be applied. It cannot truly be applied to the loli either.

As for the >inb4 part of the post... I got nothing. I understand nothing. Etc.
[00:46:22] Reighe: And as for the dropping the conversation, I am all for it, cause I am rather behind on studying.
[00:49:20] Ахчо0о: Your inb4 comment makes me upset on it's own, because I take from it stuff that weren't probable said.

And about the other thing, don't forget it's created based on real humans, but as a guy that actually hates psychology more than some people would think, I believe that many thinks should be used and can be helpful, but you have to be ready to easily throw them alway, because reality gets easily more complicated than a simple text book.
[00:50:21] Ахчо0о: Though it oftens is gets complicated in a uncomplicated way, but missing it is easy, which makes things complicated.
[00:51:55] Ахчо0о: I just love to hate when I get to the point in which I start saying stuff like this and then it gets impossible to actually see based on what road of though they are.
[00:52:04] Ахчо0о: Basically just call me stupid.
[00:52:11] Reighe: I know, that's why I said "truly be applied".
[00:52:11] Ахчо0о: Not even idiotic, just stupid.
[00:52:43] Reighe: And... uhh. Baka. Aho. Durak. Feel better?
[00:52:57] Ахчо0о: I felt nothing.
[00:53:07] Reighe: tonikakusa
[00:53:15] Reighe: az se maham.
[00:53:23] Ахчо0о: I will finally watch SxS
[00:53:29] Reighe: moga li da postna tova v bloga si? taka ili inache nikoj nqma da go prochete
[00:53:46] Reighe: a istoriqta na skype po nqkoe vreme shte se zatrie
[00:54:19] Ахчо0о: What? Why would you want to post this in your blog?
[00:54:28] Reighe: to read it after an year or so
[00:54:38] Ахчо0о: You know, if this was in some stupid anime forum, I would have felt obligated to continue until banned.
[00:54:39] Reighe: so that I can see what I was thinking back then
[00:55:12] Reighe: back now, that is to say.
[00:55:38] Ахчо0о: Copy this part too, so I can save a little face, even though I was the one that said first to stop and actually saying this right now does not make my case better.
[00:56:12] Ахчо0о: Maybe I will be able to handle it better if you fix my English, but they you will actually probable also change it in a way in which the meaning behinds my (deep deep) words would be lost.
[00:56:16] Ахчо0о: Fuck everything.
[00:56:18] Ахчо0о: SxS time.

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