Wednesday, 5 February 2020

tl;dr of Mahoraba

[9:48 PM]erejnion:took a while to get to the flashbacks
[9:48 PM]erejnion:10 episodes
[9:48 PM]erejnion:I'm amazed
[9:48 PM]hellraiser:it's a surprisingly restrained show that goes comedy >>>>> romance
[9:48 PM]erejnion:mhm
[9:49 PM]erejnion:but doesn't reset development either
[9:49 PM]erejnion:still, the drug sindicate and the every day sex parties fits too well as a theory
[9:50 PM]hellraiser:the old guy is probably a junkie that got his brain fried and that's how the dog appeared

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