Friday, 30 November 2018

Pertaining to magical systems

[15:23] erejnion: the problem with Toaru is that the magical system is way too unsystematic
[15:32] hellraiser: reading LN discussion it sounds like everything has the same origin
dunno why it feels messy
[15:41] erejnion: because it's messy
[15:45] hellraiser: maybe they cut too much stuff
[15:46] erejnion: it was always messy, even in the manga
but hey
people point towards that messiness as a charm point
because it's an all-you-can-eat buffet
Gigguk actually described it really well
[15:47] hellraiser: like in that Mr Bean episode where he went to the all you can eat buffet and got diarrhea from rotten clams
[15:48] erejnion: all of the magic is based on real existing, but quuite various stories or concepts
science side on science-related concepts
religion-side on folklore and mythology
[15:48] hellraiser: I prefer Kawakami
but he's 90% kotodama
until Owari
[15:48] erejnion: Kawakami?
[15:49] hellraiser: tova deto dumite imat magiq
kato v Tokyo Ravens
[15:49] erejnion: aha
[15:49] hellraiser: pri Kawakami po4ti vsi4ko e bazirano na dumi i muzika
[15:49] erejnion: power words
[15:49] hellraiser: i ot Owari natatyka po4va da raznoobrazqva
[15:49] erejnion: az misleh che e magic-from-technology
that is mostly voice-activated
[15:50] hellraiser: dokolkoto razbiram ot kakvoto 4etoh
[15:50] erejnion: tova mi izglezhdashe v Horizon
[15:50] hellraiser: po vreme na Owari Zemqta pridobiva neshto kato ''rules of nature'' ot paralelni svetove
[15:50] erejnion: haaaaaaa
[15:50] hellraiser: i zatova v Horizon izglejda 4e ima desetki vidove tehnologiq i magiq
like one world lets you fuck with gravity
[15:50] erejnion: az si predstavqh che sus SCIENCE sa svurzali zemqta
[15:50] hellraiser: and that's why they can build giant robots that don't crumble
da, to ima i SCIENCE
[15:51] erejnion: mezhdu drugoto nisio ima sigurno naj-stegnatata magicheska sistema ever
like, after just not having a magic system and staying 100% grounded in real physics
[15:52] hellraiser: and he also likes to use words
[15:52] erejnion: yeah
but his concept of kotodama is language-independent
you can definitely do all of your ghostbuster work in tolkien's elven
like, if you want to
and the related people understand you
[15:53] hellraiser: I bet there are hipsters who do that
[15:53] erejnion: definitely
ETA until nisio writes an European-based work?
like for Tsukihi maybe?
she was in the States tho
[15:54] hellraiser: u4udva me 4e oshte ne e napravil
[15:54] erejnion: mda
[15:54] hellraiser: toi kato 4e li e ot tiq deto pishat po cql den
[15:54] erejnion: mda

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