Thursday, 29 June 2017

Fuck Scarborough Fair.

 Up to here it was more funny than tear-worthy. Edge, yeah, okay drama, yeah, but more funny than depressing.
 I kind of liked this scene, though it's too ham-worthy to thug your heartstrings.
 But with the first notes of this song...
it's just not fair.
it's completely unfair to use this song.
 I cried like a little bitch because of it.

I like her.
Actually, I liked most of the characters.

The anime suffered from a bad sense of how worldbuilding should be done, even though it mostly managed to hit the correct atmosphere. The anime won a lot by constantly dodging the edge and the drama implied in everything, until the final arc. Where it managed to cover up the situation with unfair tactics. The first three episodes weren't exactly the best; I'd say it could have used to begin in media res. But it kind of did, for part of the cast, which I appreciated. If it ever gets a second season, it should be done ala Diebuster. A Diebuster-ish second season would be the greatest thing ever. Well, okay, not quite as great as Diebuster itself, or as Gunbuster for that matter. In the same time, I wouldn't mind a BD-bonus OVA for a few more stories from the timeline during this series. Exactly three more episodes with slice of life to compensate for removing the first three episodes of the series would be just perfect. Anyway, I'm glad I didn't drop it. I'll stop whining now.

Ithea best girl. Glick also grew on me a lot too.

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