Thursday, 4 May 2017

Soulless abominations

[19:56:27] Reighe: I should drop Hinako Note
[19:56:42] hellraiser: people meme about Guilty Crown
[19:56:50] hellraiser: but I've dropped Hinako Note 4 times already
[19:57:07] Reighe: I've been watching the second episode for 4 days already
[19:57:12] Reighe: I win
[19:57:24] Reighe: i sega stoi otvorem v mpc
[19:57:26] hellraiser: tova e vse edno dropnato
[19:57:30] hellraiser: az minavam epizodite
[19:57:36] hellraiser: i togava reshavam 4e ne sa mi haresali
[19:58:11] Reighe: men ne che ne mi haresva chak tolkova, rposto qvno nqma nishto v tova anime, koeto da mi zadurzha interesa za poveche ot polovin minuta
[19:58:43] hellraiser: that's worse in a way
[19:58:46] Reighe: yeah
[20:10:17] Reighe: I.... fucking wat
[20:10:39] Reighe: you know the rooftop balconies typical of the japs?
[20:11:01] Reighe: the creator of Hinako Note decided it's a good idea to put one of these on an European-style building
[20:12:11] Reighe: this anime would actually be three times better if it wasn't from the PoV of the main girl
[20:12:24] Reighe: she's much more entertaining if seen from the eyes of somebody else
[20:12:43] Reighe: I kinda want to try this
[20:13:00] Reighe: cut out all the flashbacks, cut down on her PoV, and send the result to somebody
[20:13:24] Reighe: I think I can manage 15 minutes or so of relevant material from the first two eps
[20:15:35] hellraiser: generally
[20:15:45] hellraiser: most SoL shows that aren't good have a main girl like that
[20:15:52] hellraiser: and they keep coming
[20:16:43] Reighe: I can't really think of a comparably bad offender
[20:17:12] hellraiser: the one with the dancing or whatever
[20:17:18] Reighe: huh
[20:17:25] Reighe: doesn't ring a bell
[20:17:57] hellraiser: mc was a boring shy girl and a blonde gaijin transfer student got her in some traditional japanese dance
[20:18:17] Reighe:
[20:18:18] Reighe: >
[20:18:20] Reighe: ?
[20:18:22] hellraiser: da
[20:18:27] Reighe: never even started it
[20:19:36] hellraiser: i onova
[20:19:48] hellraiser: Tamayura
[20:20:03] Reighe: hmmm
[20:20:04] hellraiser: but the other 3 girls were so good they managed to carry the whole thing
[20:20:15] Reighe: I never did watch the tv
[20:20:27] Reighe: the ova wasn't such a bad offender
[20:20:56] hellraiser: to i da ne e losho prosto kato vidq takava glavna geroinq se draznq
[20:21:19] hellraiser: Amanchu didn't bother me though, she was actually likeable
[20:22:07] Reighe: e, to Disni princesata, koqto zastava kato plashilo kato se pritesni, i ima izkriveno chuvstvo za normalnost, ne e tochno takava
[20:22:29] Reighe: prosto ako podobna geroinq ima charm, to toj e v misteriqta okolo neq
[20:22:51] Reighe: a te fokusirat vurhu tova da pokazvat celiqt kontekst na strannoto i durzhane i strannite i repliki
[20:23:15] hellraiser: they clearly want the Kuma Miko audience
[20:23:16] Reighe: which doesn't even add to her character! it's completely pointless backstory!
[20:23:24] hellraiser: all 3 of them
[20:24:07] Reighe: but Kuma Miko stopped airing after the tenth episode, and it was a relatively okay series.
[20:24:50] hellraiser: I thought the bullying was an overall theme of the series
[20:25:10] hellraiser: but if they somehow made a few more eps that go further it would've been pretty bad I guess
[20:25:35] Reighe: yeah
[20:26:07 | Edited 20:26:24] Reighe: though, you know, even after hypothetical 12th episode, the girl would still have more soul and life left in her than the titular character of Hinako Note
[20:27:22] hellraiser: I have no idea why writing cute characters is so hard
[20:27:30] hellraiser: sigurno samo izglejda prosto
[20:27:41] Reighe: I know what went wrong in this particular case
[20:28:09] Reighe: the author thought all he needs to do is write the cute parts
[20:28:45] Reighe: but "cute character" with only cute means there is no character in them.
[20:29:15] hellraiser: mda
[20:29:41] hellraiser: to edinstvenata deto ima kakyvto i da e harakter e onaq
[20:29:45] hellraiser: tsundereto
[20:29:53] Reighe: tsundereto?
[20:30:00] hellraiser: ne i pomnq imeto
[20:30:06] hellraiser: the one that likes the landlady
[20:30:31] Reighe: in Hinako Note?
[20:30:35] hellraiser: da
[20:30:49] hellraiser: a
[20:30:53] Reighe: the blonde loli?
[20:30:54] hellraiser: ti si na vtori epizod
[20:31:08] Reighe: ah, she isn't even introduced, ic
[20:31:51] Reighe: sigh, now that I know about her, and that I vented my anger, I kind of want to see the third ep too

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